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9 Ways to Know if You Need a Marriage Counseling Newcastle Service

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Marriage Counseling Newcastle: In many relationships, it’s unavoidable that you’re going to have some ups and downs, and there may be situations where you need some help with a marriage counselling Newcastle service.

Many couples will resist considering therapy because it can be challenging to know if you really need help. Understanding the symptoms can help get you into couples counselling Newcastle office before it comes to calling it quits. This article will cover some of the signs pointing to a marriage that might be in trouble.

1. Communication Breakdown

Couples who let their communication channels break down and stop sharing their feelings can find themselves fighting more often than is healthy. Lack of communication can also lead to festering resentments that may come out in an explosive confrontation.

It can be challenging to hit the reset switch on communication and re-learn to be open and forthcoming about your thoughts and feelings. Our couples counselling Newcastle service can help you get back on track.

2. Always Fighting Over Little Things

Sometimes when two people get together and start arguing, they don’t realize how much they are fighting. This happens when they get irritated about small things like whose turn it was to do the dishes or whether the lawn should have been mowed last week.

Marriage counselling Newcastle sessions can help couples who are constantly arguing improve their relationship. After the partners get over their disagreements, they are more likely to find a better way to communicate.

3. Feeling Something is Wrong

Occasionally, partners will get a sense that something is wrong in the relationship, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. When this feeling crops up, it’s essential to consider your options, such as seeking help from a couples counselling Newcastle therapist.
Even the happiest relationships can need couples therapy, and there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of it. Seeking help shows that you value your relationship with your partner and are committed to making it work.

4. You Are Afraid to Talk About Certain Topics

Do you have issues that feel like they are off-limits because you know it will start a fight? When these matters of contention accumulate without a resolution, it can be challenging to discuss the real or substantive problems developing within the marriage.

When there is a communication vacuum, the risk of an emotional affair developing – where one partner turns to someone outside of the marriage for emotional support – is much greater.

Emotional affairs are so-called because they don’t involve intimate physical contact, but they are a severe form of infidelity that can drive a wedge between couples. It can be just as challenging to rebuild trust and get over the pain of an emotional affair as a physical one.

An affair of any type is an uncomfortable topic, but working with relationship counselling Newcastle professionals can help heal the rift.

5. One or Both of You is Stuck in a Role

When partners turn away from each other, they can forget what it was like to be together at the beginning. Every argument brings up the past, and phrases like “I didn’t do this” or “You never listen to me” become commonplace.

Over time, couples develop specific roles, such as always pointing out what one partner is doing wrong or making themselves the victim and putting the onus on the other partner to fix the break.

Other partners may take on the role of fixer, as in “listen to me because I know how to fix everything.” Some relationships will develop a parent-child pattern, where one partner will talk to the other as if they are a naive teenager.

It becomes difficult to communicate what you need, so your arguments will put all of the blame on the other person. Marriage counselling can help you identify your adopted roles and break them down by re-learning effective communication skills.

6. Secrets are Being Kept

We all need some privacy every now and then, but there is a difference between privacy and keeping secrets. Transparency is critical to a healthy marriage. If you hide things from your partner, you must understand why you keep things hidden.

Even a tiny secret can create a lot of harm, not just to you but to others as well. A secret will also undermine a relationship and the trust that has been built.

7. There's a Lot of Negative Communication

Not all negative communication needs to be an argument. Negative communication is any type of communication that leaves one partner feeling depressed, demoralized, disregarded or responsible for all the problems in the marriage.

When partners are subjected to negative communication, they want to withdraw from the conversation.

Remember that it is not always what you say, but how you say it can have the most significant impact. When your tone does not match your words, it can lead to hurt feelings, confrontation, and criticism.

You may not realize that you and your partner are engaging in negative communication, but a skilled marriage counsellor, Newcastle service will help you recognize the signs so you can avoid its damaging effects.

8. You are Leading Separate Lives

Living together but leading separate lives can cause problems for married couples. Sleeping in different rooms, eating separately, and not sharing recreational activities can unravel a loving bond until married couples are more like roommates than lifelong partners.

You don’t have to do everything together, but if you find yourselves separate in everything you do, it might be time to take a deeper look at your relationship and consider calling a couples counselling Newcastle service for professional advice.

9. You Have Both Become Indifferent

Many people think that married couples who grow apart must hate each other. After all, it’s a common theme in TV drama and movies telling us that the opposite of love is hate, but that’s not entirely true.

Couples who reach a point where they no longer have enough passion for fighting or arguing have developed apathy towards the relationship.

Not caring is the true opposite of love, so if you find yourself indifferent when your spouse is upset, has been unfaithful, or you are no longer speaking up for issues you believe in, it’s time to get some help from a relationship counselling Newcastle professional.

Don't Give Up - Help is Available

A couples counselling Newcastle service can help you and your partner work through your issues and re-open the communication channels. We can tailor a recovery plan for your marriage unique to your circumstances. The most important thing is not to give up on your relationship. Call today to find out how you can rekindle your friendships and enjoy a happier marriage.

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