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Get Your Wife To Actually Influence Herself To Want To Come Back To You Without Painful Talk Therapy...

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Is Your Marriage Struggling, But Your Wife's Reluctant to Seek Help? Then Our Neuro-Emotional Dialogue™ (NED) Process Is For You

If you find yourself on this page, it might be because the person you vowed to share your life with feels distant, perhaps even unwilling to work on your marriage together.

This can feel like a solitary, uphill battle, but you are not alone.

There is a way forward—a path that honors your commitment as a Christian and as a husband, even if your wife isn’t ready to take that step with you.

The Limitations of Conventional Marriage Therapy

Often, traditional marriage therapy demands both partners’ participation, which can be a stumbling block if one spouse is hesitant or outright refuses.

This approach can leave you feeling helpless and may even worsen the situation, pushing your spouse further away.

Studies show traditional methods have only about a 50% success rate, which drops significantly when both partners are not equally engaged.

Introducing Our Proprietary "Neuro Emotional Dialogue" (NED) Process: A Lifeline for One-Sided Efforts

Alternatively to traditional therapy, we offer our proprietary process tailored specifically for situations like yours called “Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED).

NED is unique because it equips you, even as a single participant, with the tools to initiate change and healing in your marriage.

This method respects your wife’s current stance but empowers you to make positive adjustments from your side of the relationship.

Why Choose NED?

NED is more than just therapy—it’s a faith-driven approach that focuses on the neuro-emotional aspects of your interactions.

By understanding and addressing these underlying issues, you can begin to change the dynamics of your marriage, fostering a more loving and receptive environment that encourages your wife to join you in the healing process.

Proven Success: Over 90%+ Success Rate When Properly Implemented

Our methodology boasts a remarkable track record, with a success rate exceeding 90% when implemented as intended.

This statistic reflects the percentage of participants who reported satisfaction with the process, underlining not just the efficacy but the personal impact of our approach.

These are more than just numbers; they represent real stories of renewed love and commitment, grounded in faith and guided by our dedicated methods.

The Surprising Success of Going It Alone in Marriage Recovery

Success in our Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) approach might appear counterintuitive at first.

Typically, in conventional therapy, it’s expected that both partners in a marriage be equally engaged in the healing process for it to be successful.

However, our experience shows that significant improvements can indeed be achieved even when only one partner participates.

This unique aspect of NED underscores the power of individual change to positively influence a relationship dynamically.

By focusing on personal development and understanding, our participants often discover that they alone can initiate a cascade of positive changes, leading to unexpected but profound renewal and satisfaction within their marriage.

This counterintuitive success demonstrates the potential of individual empowerment in transforming relationships, even in seemingly one way efforts.

The Risk of Doing Nothing

Ignoring the problems or waiting for your wife to change her mind will certainly lead to irreversible damage.

The cost of inaction is not just a failed marriage, but a heavy burden on your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Your Path to Marriage Recovery Begins Here

Don’t let despair dictate the future of your most sacred human relationship.

Choose to act now, with a method designed for someone in your exact situation.

Contact us today to learn how our NED process can help you start making meaningful changes in your marriage, paving the way for reconciliation and deeper intimacy and understanding..

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The Science Behind "Neuro Emotional Dialogue"

Neuroscientists and behavioral researchers have discovered something crucial for marriage recovery that, as Faith-Based men, we’ve understood all along.

There’s a “switch” inside the brain that, depending on how you communicate with your wife, will either flip one way and CREATE resistance, or flip the other way and DISSOLVE resistance, causing you to be seen as trustworthy and understanding.

The choice is yours as to which way that switch is flipped!

The Amygdala
The part of the brain that creates resistance is called the Amygdala.

This is the old part, or “worldly” part of our brain, where our fight, flight, or freeze responses are triggered.

It activates when someone feels suspicious or threatened.

In the context of your marriage, if you confront your wife with pushy behavior, guilt, or emotional pressure, you immediately trigger her Amygdala, which lights up like a firework display saying:

-I’m suspicious and don’t trust this person.
-This person is a threat.
-This person is going to deceive me.

Her subconscious threat detection mechanism perceives the threat right from the beginning, analyzes it, and sends a course of action to the conscious mind to resist.

This happens on autopilot long before her conscious brain gets engaged!

So, if you’ve ever wondered why your wife gets wary and stonewalls or pulls away, now you know why!

Ignoring this insight means you’ll continue to face constant resistance.

Your efforts to reconcile will be met with suspicion and distrust, driving her further away and reinforcing her decision to leave.

The Prefrontal Cortex

On the other hand, if you approach your wife with a different intention and different language based on Neuro Emotional Dialogue, you’ll engage her with non-threatening language and behavior, conducive to reconciliation.

This flips the switch to the other side, lighting up a very different part of the brain—the Prefrontal Cortex.

The Prefrontal Cortex is the “Spiritual” aspect of the brain and deals with personality expression, social judgments, and decision-making.

It’s the “thoughtful” part of the brain based on inner values, needs, and spirit.

If you want to win your wife back, this is the part of her brain you MUST reach and communicate with.

Flipping the switch to this side immediately dissolves resistance, eliminates tension, and has her willingly engage with you.

By mastering “Neuro Emotional Dialogue”, you’ll access the Prefrontal Cortex, creating an environment where your wife feels safe, understood, and valued, and is willing to engage in reconciliation.

When achieved, she’ll see you as a partner who respects her, paving the way for open communication and a path back to a loving relationship.

Communicating with your wife using Neuro Emotional Dialogue, based on the core principles, will achieve this for you.

It’s a neuroscientific approach combined with Godly communication principles, where your new mindset and new communication techniques:

-Light up her prefrontal cortex.
-Dissolve resistance before it happens, creating space for reconciliation.
-Acknowledge and motivate HER unique inner values and needs, NOT yours.
-Evoke positive, loving emotions and feelings at the same time.
-Have her see you as a person to be trusted and no longer a threat.

This approach lets you communicate on a level where:

REAL and immediate rapport, relationship building, and reconciliation can take place REAL positive change happens for both you and your wife.

It’s the SECRET to understanding how to let your wife actually influence herself to want to reconnect and rebuild the relationship with you.

It’s the KEY to getting down to the core issues quickly and establishing the foundational trust necessary for a successful reconciliation.

Instead of being regarded with caution, disrespect, and fear, you’ll be seen and respected as a partner and a trusted and Godly authority right from the beginning, working together in mutual collaboration.

Trigger her Amygdala, and you’ll be seen as an authoritative dictator, using the Bible and Faith as weapons to impose your will and get your needs met in the marriage.

When you successfully master “NED”, it will be like turning on a light switch in a dark room and seeing things that were always there but you never noticed before.

Imagine the relief and joy of seeing your wife open up to you again, rebuilding the trust and love that seemed lost.

That is what “Neuro Emotional Dialogue” will do for you.

This is your chance to create a stronger, more resilient marriage, and ultimately…Get your wife back.

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Here's A Letter A Client Recently Worte Me:

“Hi Cody,

Just a quick note of thanks for the work that you do with us in the Better Marriage program.

Your passion is inspiring, and your willingness to be straightforward when needed is effective and comes from a place of love and wanting to help.

You have sacrificed precious time with your family for your mission to save marriages. Pass on thanks to your wife and kids as well for their support.

Thank you also for the continued support during the challenging times of your house construction.

Your commitment is much appreciated. You are saving the world one marriage at a time, and more importantly, saving us men from our former selves and transforming us into new creations.

Appreciate you, Sir!


Best Regards,One of your Better Marriage clients”

The Reason Why Nothing Has Worked So Far - And Why Other Programs and Therapy Don’t Work

Let me start by asking you a question:

“Do you think your wife is going to come back to you for YOUR reasons, or HER reasons?

Of course, the answer is HER reasons.

Yet 99.9% of the men I work with, in the beginning, make statements like:

If I could show her how much I love her, she’d understand.

She doesn’t understand what this is doing to our family.

This will devastate our children.

This is not God’s way or will.

She’s not behaving in a Godly way.

We start the process of reconciliation by giving OUR reasons for it, which is a CATASTROPHIC mistake.

Men, being logical by nature, tend to believe that just because they have a solution or a logical argument, all they need to do is “tell,” “present,” “educate,” or “share” with their wife, and eventually she will see the logic and listen to them.

“How do I make her listen to me?” is a question I frequently hear.

Can this approach work?

Yes, if you want a marriage of obligation, not passion, where your wife stays or returns out of guilt.

But mostly, no, it doesn’t work.

You’ll lose more ground than you gain because it’s the perfect way to create resistance and stimulate her amygdala.

If you start by pushing your solutions and reasons, whose needs and values are you focusing on?

Yours, right?

It becomes clear to your wife that you’re more interested in what you want than what she needs.

I’m sure you’ve already presented your logical reason and your solution, and noticed how all this has done is caused her to dig in deeper and move farther away.

That’s because you’re guessing what to say from your point of view.

And very rarely will guessing connect with her unique needs and values.

This is the EXACT opposite of Neuro Emotional Dialogue Process!

We don’t guess.

Here’s a simple story to illustrate.

recently wanted to buy a new car.

I did my research and knew exactly what I wanted, and I had 100% decided to buy it.

I went to my local dealership with every intention of driving away in a new car.

Unfortunately for the dealership, a pushy salesman approached me and proceeded to tell me why I needed to buy this car.

He was relentless.

He hammered me with 100 things I couldn’t have cared less about.

Finally, in an effort to manipulate me to his outcome, he told me I had to make a decision today, as many people were interested in this car and it would surely sell today.

What did I do?

Did I buy the car?

Yes… That same day!

But not from him and not from that dealership.

drove across town to another dealer and purchased the exact same model just 1 hour later.

What happened?

The salesman tried to get me to buy the car for his reasons, not mine, and as a result, he triggered my amygdala, causing a fight or flight response, and got the exact opposite of what he wanted… even though we wanted the same thing!


Your wife wants to reconcile, but you’re making it impossible for her by how you’re approaching the situation, inadvertently using a strategy that is the exact opposite of NED.

This is why therapy is horribly ineffective.

It’s used as a refereed argument for each person to get their point across.

This simply doesn’t work.

To influence your wife to WANT to RECONCILE with you, you MUST access HER motivation to do so… not yours.

All the car salesman had to do was take a minute to access my already existing motivation to buy, instead of trying to create motivation by guessing what I wanted.

NED will do the same for you.

It gives you the tools to uncover and access your wife’s already existing motivation to reconcile with you, with 100% accuracy and ZERO guesswork involved.

And if you’re thinking, “My wife has no motivation to reconcile and come back”…

Then I would politely suggest that’s incorrect. Read the next section!

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Your Wife is Motivated to Stay, Even Though She's Saying She Wants to Leave

You might be hearing a lot of reasons from your wife about why she wants out of the marriage.

Maybe she’s blaming childhood trauma, through to questioning the institution of marriage, and everything in between.

1. She LOVED the way you made her feel.She believed her life would be SIGNIFICANTLY better with you than without you.

Now, if she’s thinking about leaving, it’s because:

2. She HATES the way you make her feel.She believes her life would be SIGNIFICANTLY better without you.

All other reasons are just side effects of these core issues.

Understanding this makes finding the solution a whole lot easier.

The Good News

You have the power to change both of these factors, and you can do it quickly.

This is where Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) comes in.

NED helps you create an environment where she feels valued, heard, and genuinely happy.

Her Motivation to Stay

Even though she says she wants to leave, deep down she has many reasons to stay:

-The Kids: She cares deeply about their well-being and knows the impact of a broken home.

-The Finances: She understands the financial stability that staying together provides.

-Starting Over: The thought of starting over can be daunting and filled with uncertainties.

-Spiritual Belief: She knows this is unGodly behavior.

These are powerful motivators for her to stay. But you must address the core issues to truly win her back.

Build Her A Bridge to a Better Future

Imagine your marriage is standing on the edge of a chasm.

On one side, there’s the familiar ground of your current relationship, filled with struggles and pain.

On the other side lies a future of renewed love and happiness.

Right now, she sees two options:

  1. 1. Stay in the painful present.


  3. Or


  5. 2. Leap into the unknown, hoping for something better.

With our NED process, you can build a bridge that connects these two sides.

Otherwise, trying to cross that chasm is like walking a tightrope blindfolded.

Each step is uncertain, and the risk of falling back into old patterns is high.

Every attempt to fix things without addressing her core needs will push her further away, reinforcing her decision to leave.

But you can build a sturdy bridge, grounded in understanding and respect:

You’ll make her feel valued and cherished again, reminding her of why she fell in love with you in the first place.

She’ll see a future with you that’s better and brighter, filled with love and mutual respect.

Our faith teaches us to love and honor our partners.

It’s about embodying these principles in your daily interactions.

Ephesians 5:25 tells us, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

This is not just about sacrifice, but about understanding, valuing, and uplifting her.

Our Neuro Emotional Dialogue process was created with Ephesians 5 specifically in mind.

You’re not just saving your marriage; you’re fulfilling a divine purpose.

You’re creating a marriage that reflects the love and respect that God intended.

To truly save your marriage, you need to give her a third option:Option 3: Stay with you and be happy.

To do that, you will need to become an “Eph 5:25 Husband”Neuro Emotional Dialogue is the tool that makes this possible.

It helps you connect with her on a deeper level, understanding and addressing her core needs without guessing.

Don’t leave her stuck between two bad choices.

Offer her the bridge to a renewed, joyful partnership with you.

Embrace NED and transform your marriage into what it was meant to be.

Without it, the path forward remains uncertain and fraught with challenges. With it, a future of love and mutual respect is within reach.

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Our Unique "Neuro Emotional Dialogue" (NED) process

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Who is Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) For?

Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) is for men who find themselves at a critical crossroads in their marriage.

If your wife has asked for a divorce or is on the brink of leaving, and you feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue without success, NED is designed for you.

It’s for those who are deeply committed to restoring their marriage and are willing to embrace a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional methods.

This is for men who understand that true reconciliation requires understanding and addressing their wife’s core emotional needs.

It’s for those ready to stop guessing and start engaging in meaningful, faith-based communication that rebuilds trust and connection.

If you’re determined to create a future where your wife feels valued, heard, and genuinely happy to be with you, NED is your path forward.

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Who is Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) 100% Not For?

Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED) is 100% not for men who are looking for quick fixes or superficial solutions to deep-rooted marital issues.

It’s not for those who are unwilling to reflect on their own actions and make meaningful changes.

If you believe that pressuring, manipulating, or guilt-tripping your wife into staying is the way to save your marriage, NED is not for you.

It’s also not for those who dismiss the importance of faith-based principles and genuine emotional connection in their relationship.

NED requires commitment, patience, and a sincere desire to understand and meet your wife’s core needs.

If you’re not ready to put in the effort to rebuild trust and foster a loving, respectful partnership, then this program is not for you.

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Our Process Is 100% Proven To Work

Hi, I’m Cody, I Am Your Marriage Coach

This is not about me or Better Marriage; this is about you and saving the only thing that matters: your family.

I understand the pressures, challenges, and side effects of being a man in a world that expects you to perform but doesn’t tell you what that means.

It’s hard being a man today.

But what good does it do to have all the success in the world if you lose your family to get it?

My Personal Journey

Before you even think about trusting me, let me share a few things about myself…

Back in 2005, I was a very unhappy person, severely depressed to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed for days at a time.

I suffered from chronic anxiety and felt totally lost. I had been in a series of painfully failed relationships, and to top it all off, I drank too much, too often.

I decided something had to change.

I started to study relationships and got obsessed with it.

Books, courses, seminars, coaches—literally anything that I could find that would provide the skills I needed to have a successful relationship.

I discovered that the secret to a successful relationship was to work harder on myself than on my spouse or the relationship.

I had always blamed my spouse for the failure, never thinking for a second that maybe I had something to do with it.

All my relationships had followed a similar pattern of failure, and the lowest common denominator was me.

Now, I’m not saying you’re to blame—far from it!

What I am saying is that you have the ability 100% to change yourself, and ZERO% ability to make your spouse change against their will.

Fight the battles that can be won!

My Education and Professional Background

My academics mean very little compared to my experience in saving marriages, but to some people, they do, so here they are…

My academic journey is both diverse and impressive.

I hold a degree from Campbellsville University, where I honed my understanding of human behavior and psychology.

My passion for helping couples navigate their relationships led me to obtain a Relationship Counseling Diploma from IAP Career College.

In a continuous pursuit of excellence, I further specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

These certifications allow me to provide an eclectic mix of therapeutic strategies tailored to each couple’s unique needs.

Here’s what that means in plain English: I can help you save your marriage if that’s what you are 100% committed to.

As a member of the International Association of Professional Organizations, I have maintained a consistent presence in the professional community.

This membership enables me to stay abreast of the latest research, trends, and developments in the field of marriage enrichment.

In recognition of my pioneering work in relationship enrichment, I was honored with the 2023 Australian Enterprise Award, an accolade that underscores my commitment to my clients and my craft.

In addition to this, I am also a #1 best-selling author, a testament to my ability to translate complex psychological concepts into practical and accessible advice for couples.

I bring to the table more than 18 years of professional experience in the field of marriage enrichment.

This tenure has equipped me with a profound understanding of relationship dynamics, enabling me to guide couples through their journey of growth and healing.

The Birth of Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED)

My struggles and subsequent transformation led me to develop Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED).

Traditional methods and therapies often missed the mark, focusing on surface issues and failing to address deeper emotional needs and triggers.

I realized that to truly save a marriage, a different approach was needed.

NED blends various psychological techniques and faith-based principles to foster genuine connection and lasting change.

The Birth of Neuro Emotional Dialogue (NED)

I learned how to have a successful relationship and have been happily married ever since.

I learned ow to communicate effectively, get my needs met while meeting my wife’s needs, and create a shared vision and purpose for our marriage.

Best of all, these are skills that anyone with the desire can learn quickly..I could also see that most people around me were suffering too.

I knew there was a solution, I knew a different path, and I wanted to share it.

Marriage is not a skill that is taught in school, and our parents most likely didn’t do any better.

And that’s why I do what I do. You don’t need to suffer; there is another way other than totally sacrificing yourself or divorce.

With me, you’re entrusting your relationship to a seasoned professional who is not just well-qualified but also deeply passionate about helping couples thrive.

My range of qualifications, experience, and accolades attest to my commitment to delivering compassionate, effective, and evidence-based programs.

I can help you win back your wife and family.

If you are ready to take action and fully commit to saving your marriage, my expertise and dedication can guide you to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

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Want To Know More About Me?

Then Watch The Interview Below

We've Helped 100's Of Men Transform Their Marriage…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My wife is NOT willing to participate, will this still work?

A. YES, 90% of the men we work with are in this situation. We work with MEN, giving them the skills they need to transform the marriage, even without your wife. When your wife looks at you and says “I Love The Man You Are Becoming”…You will understand ONE person can save a marriage.

Q. How is this different to therapy?

A. We are about creating a compelling future, NOT discussing the problems from the pastTherapy doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “Marriage Therapy Success Rates”. You will quickly see I’m telling the truth. After therapy, you will feel good for a while, you might even see some improvement, but 6 months later, you’ll be in the same place you are right now, or worse. What we do is permanent.

Q. Does my wife need to attend the Evaluation Session?

ANo, most men attend the session by themselves. Of course your wife is welcome to attend, if you have the support of your wife, that’s even better 🙂

Q. I was really looking for “Couples Counseling”, will this work for me/us?

A.This is a significantly BETTER OPTION than “Couples Counseling”. If you are interested in Couples Counseling…I recommend scheduling a FREE SESSION with us and inviting your wife to attend. You might be surprised at what you learn! If after the session you still feel Couples Couseling is the path for you…No hard feelings, it didn’t cost you anything 🙂

Q. I was really wanting someting “In-Person”…Can you help?

A. Online Zoom session are easy, convienient, and work 100% as well as in person. No travel, no parking, etc. If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of Zoom Sessions, I encourage you to test it out with our offer of a FREE SESSION. You might be pleasantly surprised, and if you hate it…It didn’t cost you anything!

Q. I don’t know much about you. Where can I learn more about what you do?

A. We have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL with over 400 videos where you can get a great feel for what we do and our approach to “Marriage Restoration”. I highly suggest checking it out 🙂

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