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Social Impact Satement

Better Marriage is passionately committed to enhancing the social fabric by empowering couples with tools and support for lasting, fulfilling relationships. Our core mission is to mitigate the far-reaching social, economic, and personal impacts of marital discord and divorce.

Divorce, while sometimes a necessary step, often comes with significant costs, not only to the individuals directly involved but also to society at large. In the immediate aftermath, emotional turmoil and financial instability can be overwhelming. Over time, these personal challenges can have wider societal effects, particularly in terms of mental health, lost productivity, and economic burden.

From a mental health perspective, research shows that divorce can lead to a host of psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and a reduced sense of personal control and self-esteem. These emotional struggles affect not just the divorcing couple, but also their children and extended family members. Our services aim to prevent these outcomes by fostering healthy communication and conflict resolution, creating a ripple effect of mental wellbeing that extends from individual families to the wider community.

The impact of divorce also manifests in lost productivity. The emotional distress associated with marital breakdown often leads to decreased workplace performance and absenteeism. This, in turn, translates into significant costs for businesses and the economy as a whole. Better Marriage, by fostering stronger relationships, helps to maintain a more focused, stable, and productive workforce, thereby contributing to the overall economic vitality of our society.

The financial implications of divorce are also considerable. Legal fees, dual households, and other associated costs can lead to economic instability for families. On a larger scale, the cost of providing public assistance to single-parent families and the potential for increased crime rates associated with family breakdown have profound implications for the economy. Our work at Better Marriage aims to alleviate these financial burdens by equipping couples with skills and knowledge to navigate through challenges, reducing the rate of divorce, and consequently lessening its economic impact.

Lastly, divorce can often lead to social disruption. Relationships within family networks and communities can be strained or severed, leading to a sense of disconnection and societal fragmentation. By promoting healthier, more resilient marriages, Better Marriage contributes to social cohesion and stability, enhancing the quality of community life for all members.

In conclusion, Better Marriage’s work extends far beyond the boundaries of individual relationships. We believe that by nurturing the bond of marriage, we are bolstering mental health, boosting economic productivity, alleviating financial burden, and promoting social cohesion – thereby cultivating a healthier, more harmonious society for generations to come.

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