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Better Marriage Is A Shortcut

We Offer Modern Marriage Repair Which Produces Fast and Extraordinary Results unlike Traditional Counseling or Therapy…

Restore Your Marriage In As Little As 4 Sessions

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Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Empower A Generation Of Married Couples  With The Skills And Knowledge To Build An Exceptional Marriage, Create A Phenomenal Environment For Family And Experience A Life Worth Living.

Why Better Marriage?

Better Marriage is a highly effective and unique approach to marriage coaching that doesn’t require years of sitting on a couch talking about everything that’s happened in the past.

Nor does it take years to see tiny, if any improvements in the relationship.

99% of the time, both parties feel the same way, and want the same results, they just don’t know how to make it happen.

We will help you realign as a couple, and begin the marriage repair process immediately.

Hi, I'm Cody Butler

A great marriage is like salt…It makes everything better!

An amazing experience shared with somebody you love magnifies and enhances that experience beyond words.

A negative experience shared, reduces the anxiety and diminishes the negative impact of that experience.

In short, marriage is not only designed to provide support, encouragement and love…

It is designed to amplify the highs and minimise the lows.

Your marriage is by far your most valuable asset, DON’T let it go without a fight!

As a father and a husband, it’s my passion to see relationships saved.

And the good news is…As long as BOTH parties are committed to save the relationship, success is virtually GUARANTEED.

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