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Ten of the Most Important Things in a Relationship

Most Important Things in a Relationship

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Ten of the Most Important Things in a Relationship

A special someone to go through life with who will have your back through thick and thin is something we all need and crave. However, it can take more than love to keep a couple together through thick and thin.
To make sure you and your partner keep your relationship exciting, take the time to have fun and stay busy while at the same time keeping things balanced. If you and your partner start to fall into a routine, you need to take steps to mix it up a bit and keep things fresh.
This list covers the top ten things to focus on if you want your relationship to be fresh, engaging, and vibrant.

1. Accept Each Other as You Are

There is a time in every relationship when you get to the point where the quirks you find so charming and adorable during your courtship become irritating. The way they blow their nose or insist on using their napkin to wipe their hands before their meal, or how they must eat their bacon “just right”.
Relationships are based on trust and acceptance. No one is perfect, and if the person you love has some less-than-perfect characteristics, they are worth accepting.
So, when your partner shows you just how human they are, you should keep on loving them unconditionally. However, if you find yourself at a point where it’s challenging to stay in the same room together, it might be worth considering a couples counselling Sydney session.

2. Love and Respect Each Other

Relationships should be made up of two people who are happy and healthy and not one-sided. If you are not in a good space with your partner or are getting into an argument, you should treat each other with respect and dignity.
It’s also a good idea to learn how to practice self-care so you can be wholeheartedly present for your partner. This will give you time to enjoy your relationship.

3. Accept That Relationships Take Work

When you have an emotional relationship with someone, it’s essential to be realistic about the ebbs and flows of a relationship and not jump ship the first time you hit a low point. It’s in these times where the real work of strengthening your love takes place.
If the low points have become commonplace, you should know that help is available through your local relationship counselling Sydney service.

4. Make Little Gestures Daily

Show the appreciation you have for your partner by making little gestures every day. A cuddle here and an “I love you there,’ can make all the difference. It’s important not to get resentful if the gestures aren’t returned in kind. Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day, the occasional flowers or small gifts can also help keep the romance alive.

5. Learn to Say Sorry

It’s essential to be kind and patient with your partner. The simple phrase “I’m sorry” has the power to bring some calm back to an escalating situation. When someone uses it, it can bring you closer together. But…. don’t follow it with a “but”, just apologize and leave it alone. It’s enough on its own. If you find you are constantly arguing in your relationship, then a relationship counselling session Sydney service may be able to get to the root of the problem and help you resolve your differences.

6. Don't Fight Dirty

A good couple fights fairly. Each partner gives the other person the time to speak and the opportunity to express their thoughts. They don’t interrupt, and they listen attentively by nodding or saying, ‘I understand what you are saying.’ Their goal is to reach an agreement that will be acceptable to both partners.

They don’t have a goal of belittling, pointing out past grievances, or speaking to the other person disrespectfully. Even great relationships have the occasional fight, but if your time together is frequently spent arguing, you should consider getting advice from a couples counselling Sydney therapist.

7. Keep the Romance Alive

We aren’t talking about bedroom antics here. Instead, we are talking about the simple things that make people happy. Watching a movie or going for walks together are excellent ways to reconnect and keep the communication lines open.

Of course, you must have some time to yourself, so it’s all about finding a balance and enjoying each others’ company.

8. Keep the Communication Alive

You both have such busy lives that you often just make meaningless small talk with each other when you meet up each night. But, you should also make room for deep and meaningful conversations as well.

One of the keys to maintaining a successful relationship is having a good conversation, the kind where you share your opinions and hear your partner’s views, but not in an argumentative way.

Talking about interesting topics—such as politics, current events, or the book you are reading—will help you bond and make you appreciate how exciting and intelligent your partner is.

Do you feel like you and your partner have a communication breakdown? If so, you may find a solution by checking in with your couples counselling Sydney service.

9. Reflect on The Past

Do you remember what it was like when you first met and started going out? Do you wish you could rekindle the passion you felt back then? It’s not impossible if you put in the effort.

You are together for a reason, and there’s a good chance you are still the same people you were back then. If you feel like you have lost the spark, a marriage counselling Sydney session can help you find it and bring some energy back to your relationship.

10. Practice Regular Intimacy

If intimacy is on the decline, it might be time to explore the reasons. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this decline, but it could also signify a developing rift in the relationship.

Happy couples invariably report that they regularly have intimate interactions, whether it’s a kiss, cuddle, or touch. If this isn’t happening in your relationship any longer, try to understand the cause. If you are struggling, you could book yourself a couples counselling Sydney session to get some help.

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