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Prepare for Your First Marriage Counselling Castle Hill Appointment

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Prepare for Your First Marriage Counselling Castle Hill Appointment

It can be challenging to find a moment’s peace when your marriage has taken a wrong turn, and you feel like you are constantly at each others’ throats. The constant tension and stress build up, and it gets hard to cope with everything else in your life.

When you feel your relationship is on a slippery slope, but you know it’s worth saving, there is help available through a marriage counselling Castle Hill service.

A relationship counselling Castle Hill professional can create a pathway through the turmoil, so you can see where your relationship has gotten off track and shine the light on what you need to do to get back on it.

Marriage counselling can be an essential strategy for improving a relationship. Sometimes, even the strongest marriages can take a turn for the worse and get to the point of breaking up.

But the question is, how can you prepare for your first couples counselling Castle Hill session?

why You Might Need a Marriage Counselling Castle Hill Session

To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, a couple should have a marriage counselling Castle Hill session to clear the air if they can’t work out their own problems anymore and need a third party to come in and help.

Even after years of marital bliss, relationships can sour unexpectedly. A marriage counsellor can help couples focus and search out where it may have gone wrong.

When you understand the need for couples counselling, the next question is how do you prepare for your first session?

It can be an intensely personal chapter of your life. You will need to steel yourself for some uncomfortable conversations and take an honest look at yourself and your contributions to the marital problems.

Now that you’ve chosen to go through marriage counselling, you may wonder how long counselling sessions will be and what else should you say in counselling? Let’s find out!

Getting Acquainted

You are about to start your marriage counselling Castle Hill journey, so what can you expect?

It’s time to get acquainted with your counsellor. Your counsellor will start with some basic questions, such as your marital status, a bit of your history, and some insight into why you are seeking marriage counselling.

The first session will evaluate your relationship, so you must communicate some uncomfortable truths. It might take some adjustment, but it’s critical to getting results.

In some cases, the therapist will talk to each partner alone, but most sessions will be open communication with all three present. It’s perfectly normal for a therapist to work this way, even though it can be a challenging adjustment to make.

Discussing What You Both Need to Get Out of Marriage Counselling

When you have both decided that the marriage is worth rebuilding, you should discuss the goals you want to get out of marriage counselling. You should spend some time getting to the truth of some of your issues, including:
  • Your listening skills.
  • Are you both abusive to each other?
  • The frequency and quality of intimacy
  • Are there any codependency issues in the relationship?
  • What are your attachments like?
  • How you deal with conflict.
  • How you would like to develop as a couple.

When you understand what you want to get out of marriage counselling, it’s a lot easier for you and your therapist to work together at achieving your goals.

Clear Your Schedule

Marriage counselling is a serious matter, so you want to make sure you are as focused on your session as possible.

Block out as much of your calendar as possible on the day of the session, so you have more time to devote to sorting out previously buried thoughts and feelings that will bubble to the surface.

You don’t want your mind going over the morning’s meeting at work or stressing about your presentation in the afternoon when you should be focusing on your session.

You should also make sure you have some free time after the session, as most couples will want to talk about the session or get some alone time for quiet reflection.

You don’t have to put your life on hold, but it’s good to have some time to emotionally recharge and get your thoughts in order.


Feeling Nervous is Normal

Many couples are worried about their first counselling session together. After all, you may be discussing some personal issues and challenges that you and your partner have never discussed together or may even be ashamed of. In some cases, you might be revealing things that you’ve never shared with your partner.

It’s normal to be nervous and even apprehensive about starting a new therapy experience. If either of you is hesitant on the day of counselling, you may feel a bit anxious. Your therapist may ask you how you’re feeling and why you’re nervous.

When it comes to having a couple’s therapy session, my experience has shown that patience is critical. Hopefully, both members of a couple will be able to overcome their anxiety about the therapy session, and their relationship will continue to improve.”

And remember: The last thing your therapist will do is judge you. They’re there to help you work through your emotions and figure out what works for you.

Getting Yourself Mentally Prepared

Marriage counselling sessions can get intensely personal when you bring up memories, thoughts, and feelings, especially about your partner.

It might take some mental preparation on your part to share these intimate details, so be prepared to dig deep.

Will You Tell Your Friends or Not?


We all have relationships and connections outside of the marriage because no partner, no matter how close, can provide all of our emotional needs. It’s why we continue to have friends after marriage.

Friends and relatives who know you are going to marriage counselling may be supportive, and others might make you feel embarrassed or joke around about it.

It’s your relationship, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to tell anyone about your plans. However, you should agree on whether you will talk about it to other people and need to respect each other’s privacy, especially when you have friends in common.

Marriage counselling is an essential first step towards rebuilding your relationship. When you are both committed to saving your marriage, you are off to a good start. If you are searching for a marriage counsellor, Castle Hill service, then be sure to get in touch today and take those first vital steps towards building a stronger relationship.

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