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How To Save a Marriage That is Falling Apart

Save a Marriage That is Falling Apart

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A significant portion of marriages end in divorce, but why is this figure so high, and what can you do to prevent your relationship from getting added to the ranks of failed marriages.

Even though you may feel the odds are stacked against you when you know your marriage is in trouble, it’s not yet time to call it quits. Here’s what you can do to save a marriage this is falling apart.

1. Start Acting Now

If you see trouble brewing in your marriage, don’t sit on it hoping it will work itself out; it rarely does.
Many marriages reach a divorce stage because they fail to address their issues early on and let their problems grow into insurmountable obstacles and irreconcilable differences.

When you first realize something is not quite right is the best time to act. Challenging as it may be, you need to open the communication channels for open and honest dialogue. Effective communication is only part of the solution, as it needs to be followed by focused and productive action. 

When you start chipping away at the problems early on, you deny them the opportunity to fester and grow.

2. Understand You Will Have Differences

You didn’t marry a clone of yourself, so why would you expect your partner to have the same perspectives and viewpoints as you. Like everybody else, your partner is entitled to their own views and beliefs, and you must understand they may not always align with yours.
Instead of looking down on your partner for their different viewpoint, respect their individualism and try to understand why they are that way. Remember, there is room for both partners beliefs and views when perspectives and life experiences are considered. Life is complex, so there’s no reason you can’t both be correct.

3. Make Time for Intimate Connections

A lack of intimate connections can be the source of many troubles in a marriage. Talk to your partner about your level of intimacy and discuss why it may be a problem.
There are many different reasons why couples lose intimacy in their relationships, but communication can help you get to the source of the problem.
Life, children, and work can make it challenging to get some alone time in the bedroom, but intimacy is as much about a spiritual connection and forging strong bonds as it is about the physical. Therefore, it’s an essential aspect of a healthy marriage.

4. Develop Your Emotional Connection

Weak emotional connections will make you feel distant and disconnected from the marriage. When partners reach this stage, their focus can turn inwards, and they become more worried about their own needs rather than their partners.
The brain filters information according to what it deems most important. When your attention is focused inwards, words and deeds are often misinterpreted and can seem like a personal attack instead of an innocent comment or request.
Reacting to these imagined slights against you will eventually put your partner on the defensive and widen the rift in your marriage.
You can rectify this situation by turning your focus towards your partner. Be considerate of their needs, and you will eventually get what you need in return, which is a happy, loving partner.

5. Consider Marriage Counseling

Every marriage will go through challenging phases. There is a lot you can do yourself without outside help to save a marriage that is falling apart. However, the advice of an unbiased third party can sometimes make you see what you may have missed, or help you to confront issues of which you may not be aware.

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Win Your Wife Back In As Little As 8-Weeks

Discover How To Win Your Wife Back, Even If She Wants Out

Schedule A Free 60 Minute Zoom Session To Learn How We Can Help You Win Your Wife Back

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