7 Steps to Save My Marriage

How To Save My Marriage
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7 Steps to Save My Marriage

Every marriage has the occasional rocky road, but if you are here reading this, you’ve likely noticed your relationship has been on a downward spiral for a while. Rebuilding a relationship takes¬†commitment¬†and focus and can be more challenging by life changes like a new baby, caring for an aged parent, or infidelity.

Unfortunately, when relationships get rocky, partners will often start focusing on themselves and taking care of their needs at the expense of their partners. Here are a few tips to help you avoid adding more strain to your relationship and save your marriage.

1. Listen More and Talk Less

Yes, you have feelings and an individual perspective that are important to you, but so are your partner’s. Have your say, but be sure to listen and consider your partner’s perspective as well. Let them know you understand and care about their feelings. When you listen, you will understand their side and can react appropriately or work towards a happy middle ground.

2. Commit to Change

Saving a relationship often involves making changes in yourself. We’re not talking about a personality replacement because it’s more about modifying behaviors that might cause friction in your relationship.

For example, if you are quick to anger, you could work on improving your reactions to the things that cause you to lose your temper, or an overly critical partner could work on looking at things from the partner’s point of view.

It can be tough to change behaviors that have developed over a lifetime, but committing to them is necessary for rebuilding a relationship.

3. Watch Your Tone

Talking down to your spouse and name-calling is unproductive and will only put your partner on the defensive. They may shut down entirely, destroying any hope of an amicable solution. Always communicate respectfully, even when you are angry. Doing this will show that you care about your relationship and want to make it work.

4. Be Kind Even If You Don't Feel Like It

The little things you do in a relationship can make a huge difference. Little favors are as simple as picking up their favorite ice cream or saying thanks when they do the dishes or prepare dinner. Taking the time to show your gratitude doesn’t cost you anything but can pay off big time in the relationship stakes.

5. Stay Involved With Your Partner

A relationship where couples live separate lives will soon devolve into a roommate type of situation. If it continues, the relationship may eventually sour to where separation is a real risk. Staying involved and learning to enjoy each other’s company, sharing interests, and doing activities together regularly will help develop strong bonds.

6. Reject Negative Self Talk

Negative thoughts have an impact on how you feel and behave. Even though you may not be giving your negative opinions of your spouse a voice, you may be internally bashing your spouse with negative self-talk. None of us are perfect, so clamp down on the internal trash-talking and start focusing on the positive aspects of your spouse.

7. Be Patient

Severe problems in relationships can’t be resolved overnight. It takes time to replace unhealthy relationship damaging habits with healthy ones. When you are working hard to create a stable, loving relationship, you will need to develop the patience to make it through the transition. It could be just a few weeks, but it could also take many months to repair the rift.

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