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How To Save a Broken Marriage and When to Call it Quits

How To Save a Broken Marriage

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How To Save a Broken Marriage: It’s never pleasant when reality finally smacks you in the face, and you realize your marriage is falling apart. You are left with a difficult decision; should you try to repair and save your relationship, or should you call it quits and move on?

In most troubled relationships, the spark may be dim, but it can be reignited with a bit of work. However, sometimes the best thing for the couples is to split up and move on. Use these tips to rekindle your relationship or know when it might be time to go your separate ways.

Saving a Broken Marriage Tips

If you think your relationship is worth saving, here are a few ways that will help get it back on track.

Figure Out What's Contributing to Your Troubled Marriage

If you don’t know what’s wrong with the marriage, it will be impossible to fix it. There are dozens of factors behind failed marriages, but here are some of the most common issues faced by couples:
Once you understand where your marriage is failing, you will know where to focus your efforts on repairing it or whether it’s time to break up.

Remember Why You Are Together

If your marriage is on the rocks, it could be because you have forgotten why you got together in the first place. What attracted you to your spouse? Whatever it was, it gave you a strong enough reason to make your marriage vows.

We all change over the years, but we basically stay the same at our core. Try to remember what it was all those years ago that attracted you to your partner. That person is still there, but you may have lost sight of them.

Spend Quality Together

Work, children, and aging parents can all take their toll on the quality time you can spend with each other. If you have withdrawn from each other because of a demanding schedule, you should make sure you have some quality time together as a couple. Try scheduling in a date night or a day of the week where you can be together and do something fun.

Is it Time to Call it Quits?

Over the last few generations, the level of commitment to marriage has been steadily dwindling. Marriage is not the sacred institution it once was to many, but none of us get married because we think it will fail.
Unfortunately, people can change, and sometimes the trouble in the marriage may be because of irreconcilable differences. Your values and feelings can shift over the years, so if you are experiencing any of the issues below, you should at least consider your marriage may be beyond saving.

Changing Values: Differences in core values can cause a rift in a relationship that may be impossible to bridge. Religion, core morality, life goals, and parenting styles may mean that going your separate ways is the best course of action if you cannot reconcile your differences.

Lack of Commitment: It takes two people to make a marriage work. If only one partner is committed to repairing it, resentment will grow and widen the rift.

Abuse: An abusive relationship is not a healthy one. If an abusive partner refuses to get help and continues to make empty promises, you are not in a safe place and may never be until you leave. While many issues in a relationship need time to repair, abuse is not one of them.

We all deserve to be happy, and most unhappy marriages can be turned around when both partners are committed. However, occasionally, the best path to happiness and wellbeing for you both may be to end the marriage amicably.

Thank you for reading this article on how to save a broken marriage at Better Marriage  . This topic is a very common one and we’ve seen many marriages break down over the years. If you have any further questions about saving your marriage, we recommend that you speak to a marriage counselor in your area. 

Win Your Wife Back In As Little As 8-Weeks

Discover How To Win Your Wife Back, Even If She Wants Out

Schedule A Free 60 Minute Zoom Session To Learn How We Can Help You Win Your Wife Back

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