How To Get More Passion in Your Relationship

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Passion is often the first casualty of a long-term relationship. It’s normal, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue living a life devoid of passion, and you shouldn’t if you want your relationship to last.

Passion is what keeps us interested and excited to spend time with our partners and motivated to keep the relationship going.

Is your passion tank idling on empty? Here’s how to refill it and get your relationship motoring along again

1. Plan Your Intimate Encounters

Unplanned sexual encounters are great. However, it can be hard to get in the same room together when you’ve been together for a while leading busy lives with kids and careers taking priority. Even when you do manage to both get into the bedroom, sleep often trumps sex.

The way around this is to separate passionate encounters from your regular routine. Schedule a time when you know you will both be free of distractions and the everyday stressors of life. This way, your partner can have all your attention.

2. Touch Often

Not all touching needs to be the erotic kind. Hold hands when you’re out shopping, hug each other goodbye and hello when you leave for work. Physically connect and canoodle while watching TV. Every so often, you can get a little more provocative with your hands to see where the evening takes you.

3. Don’t Take Your Partner for Granted

One of the biggest appeals of a long-term relationship is the sense of comfort and security that comes from being with the same person. Unfortunately, these traits can soon lead to complacency, diminishing passion, and taking your partner for granted.

Complacency is the opposite of passion. There are no more surprises and days become predictable routines/ If the above describes your relationship, you can learn to appreciate your partner once again. Show how grateful you are to be spending your life with them with small gestures and the occasional big one. Make these as much a part of your daily routine as the more mundane tasks.

4. Have a Life Outside of the Relationship

We all need to have a life outside of the relationship. Spending all of your time together is a surefire way to kill the passion. It might feel great at first, but it can soon get boring if your partner is the only company you keep.

Try being a little more independent. Think back to your single days. Did you have a hobby that you gave up because of the relationship? Were you in any clubs, or did you participate in team sports? Re-introduce those things into your life so you can experience life away from the relationship as your own person, and the time you spend with your partner will become all the sweeter.

5. Create a Better Work/Life Balance

Building a career and creating assets are worthy pursuits. But, if your relationship is losing its passion because of work and money, you might need to develop a more suitable work/life balance if you value your relationship. Focus on your career and your future by all means, but make sure you leave some quality time for your relationship to grow and get some passion in your life. 


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