How to Get Chemistry Back in a Relationship

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You remember the bright, hot spark of passion you felt during your relationship’s first few months. During the sizzling romance, you realised you were made for each other and pledged to grow old together. Chemistry in romance is often used as a metaphor, but it’s a very real thing when you are falling in love.

During the first few weeks of getting to know each other, when the relationship is new and fresh, every moment you spend together sends a surge of oxytocin and dopamine into your brain. This swirling love cocktail makes erotic encounters so intense, and even the light caress of your partner’s fingers against your skin can feel electric.

Over time, routine settles in, and the love cocktail in your brain slowly subsides. Too soon, the chemistry in your relationship is in danger of becoming a fond memory as you exit the honeymoon phase.

Fortunately, all is not lost because there are things you can do to get the chemistry back into your relationship.

Compliment Your Partner More Often

After a few years of living with the same person, the art of complimenting falls by the wayside because it can start to feel a bit pointless. However, if you ask long-term couples the secret to a decades long relationship or marriage, complimenting your partner as often as you can always make it to the top of the list of how to keep a relationship going. 

Kiss and Fool Around

Physical connections build intimacy. If you are reading this, it’s highly likely you rarely fool around as a couple like you used to in the beginning. It’s time to start that behaviour up again for the sake of the relationship. Kiss, cuddle, and fondly touch as you pass each other in the hallway or while you’re watching TV. Do more affectionate touching and hold hands as often as you can.

Flirt Dirty

Flirting is a fun way to add light-hearted intimacy into your relationship that can often lead to more serious activity after the kids have gone to bed. Get a little cheeky and tell your partner what you’d like to do to them when you get them alone in the bedroom.

Turn off the Screens and Go to Bed At The Same Time

Differing work schedules, kids, and household chores can make it challenging for you to get into the bedroom simultaneously. You might not be able to make it happen every night of the week, but you should make an effort to be in bed at the same time for the majority of the time. .

Sex isn’t always the goal of going to bed together simultaneously. You can relax and catch up, talk about your day, and get yourselves up to speed for the next. Being close to one another and waking up together is an excellent way to get the relationship chemistry flowing again. Plus, the odds of sex happening will increase when you start spending more private time together.


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