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How to Fix a Broken Marriage
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How to Fix a Broken Marriage: None of us head down the aisle thinking that our marriage will end up broken and discarded. We all see the struggles of friends and family and the alarming divorce rates. However, loving couples exchanging vows at the altar firmly believe they will be the exception to the rule. They will defy all the odds and be the ones to show the others how it’s done as they grow old and wrinkly together.

You don’t get skilled at anything without taking a class or practicing regularly, and marriage can be the same. Take it back to basics and start learning as much as possible about creating a successful marriage by reading books, taking a course, and practicing your communication and problem-solving skills.

Here are the way how to fix a broken marriage.

1. Check Yourself

Whenever there is strife and unhappiness in a relationship, it’s easy to tell yourself, “it’s not me; it’s them.” You won’t save your marriage with this attitude, so one of the first things you should do is perform an honest appraisal of yourself. You are likely just as much to blame as your partner.

2. Be Accountable

When you have taken a long hard look at yourself and found yourself wanting, you need to own up to your faults. Don’t make excuses or try to lay the blame elsewhere. Discuss the results of your introspection with your spouse and tell them how you plan to make improvements.

3. Be Honest with Your Spouse

It may be tempting, but you can’t ignore a problem and hope it will go away. When it comes to marriage, inaction usually makes things worse. Make an honest appraisal of your marriage, and then sit down with your spouse to discuss your feelings and get their take on the situation.

4. Communicate More Often

If your relationship feels more like you are roommates who tolerate each other, opening the lines of communication will help you start getting the work done that will save your marriage.

5. Get a Different Perspective and Listen

You know how you feel, but do you know your spouse’s feelings or how they see the relationship? You won’t learn anything if you don’t ask. While your partner tells you how they feel, don’t start thinking about what you will say next; just listen. When you think you understand the situation from their viewpoint, only then should you get your say.

6. Make a List

You won’t save your marriage by continuing to do the same things, so each partner should make a list of things they would like to change. When you are done, you need to sit down and discuss each item on the list without judgment. When making the changes, they should be done in a way that satisfies both partners. Compromise is a critical factor for success with this step.

7. Do More Things Together

Marriages, where you spend more time in separate rooms than together, aren’t any fun. Make an effort to spend more quality time together. Have a date night, cuddle on the couch with a movie, go shopping, or take an interest in one another’s hobbies. The main point is you can’t save a marriage if you don’t spend any time together.

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