How Therapy Could Help Couples Impacted By Addiction

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Many couples are struggling to cope with their partner’s addiction. It’s not uncommon for
addiction-afflicted couples to feel helpless and not know where to turn for help. Couples therapy
can help both partners rebuild the foundations of their relationship and discover solutions for
issues caused by addiction in one or both partners. Keep reading to find out how.

Causes of Alcohol Abuse in a Relationship

Alcohol abuse is a problem that can occur in any type of relationship. There are many causes of
alcohol abuse in a relationship, but the most common are problems with alcohol use itself, such
as addiction, uncontrolled use, and binge drinking. There are many reasons why one or both
partners in a relationship may become alcohol dependent or abuse alcohol. Some of the causes
may include:

1. A history of alcohol abuse or addiction in either partner.
2. A history of domestic violence or other types of abuse in the relationship.
3. A lack of coping skills when faced with stress or anxiety.
4. A lack of self-esteem due to low self-worth or a poor body image.
5. A history of depression or other mental health issues.
6. Lack of a stable job or income in the relationship.
7. The inability to cope with everyday stresses and problems caused by the addiction.
8. A lack of understanding on the part of one or both parties as to how alcohol is being
used and the damage it is doing to the relationship.
9. The inability to get help for addiction due to a fear of abandonment or disapproval from
others in their lives.

Effects of Addiction in a Relationship

The effects of addiction on a relationship can be devastating. Alcohol and substance abuse can
lead to arguments and violence, as well as the destruction of property. It can also have a
negative impact on the ability to think clearly and make decisions. If you are in a relationship
with someone abusing alcohol or other substances, it is essential to get help. Fortunately, there
are many resources available to help couples struggling with addiction.

How to Heal a Relationship Ruined By Alcohol Abuse

When you are in a relationship with someone with an addiction, there are things you can do to
try and salvage the relationship. First, get help for yourself. It’s vital you take care of your own
health and wellbeing first and foremost. Next, try to understand the reasons for the substance
abuse. Maybe a traumatic event led to the addiction, or it’s a coping mechanism for stress and
anxiety, or maybe your partner was born with a genetic disposition to addiction.

Alcoholism is a severe problem that can ruin relationships. It can cause problems with
communication, intimacy, and trust. If you are in a relationship with an alcoholic, it is essential to
take steps to help rebuild the relationship. First, develop a plan to address alcoholism. Next,
ensure both parties are committed to restoring the marriage or relationship. Continue with
relationship counselling that will help you develop communication skills so you can support each
other through the process.


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