Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse

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Couples therapy is available for relationships where one or both partners are struggling with a
substance abuse disorder. Discover how couples therapy can put you on the path to recovery to
save your marriage or relationship.

What is Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse Disorder

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that aims to resolve disputes and challenges within
a relationship. It’s also accessible to married couples, co-inhabiting partners, or people in a
relationship but not living together. Counselling is also available whether one or both partners
are involved in substance abuse.

A licensed therapist can help couples and individuals understand their substance addiction and
each other and employ strategies to reopen the communication lines, rebuild trust, and find
solutions for other relationship-related issues.

Couples can quickly resolve many of their issues through relationship counselling. However,
substance abuse that develops from deep-seated issues like stress or anxiety may take longer
to understand and resolve.

How Does Substance Abuse Impact a Relationship?

Substance abuse in any relationship can have significant negative repercussions that are wide
reaching. Addiction does not just impact the individual because the negative influence can ripple
out through friends, relatives, and children.

Parents with substance and alcohol abuse issues are more likely to abuse a child. It can also
lead to financial problems, domestic violence, employment loss, housing challenges, lack of
trust, and declining physical and mental health.

In a relationship where only one of the partners is in a substance abuse pattern, sexual
dysfunction may cause the non-abusing partner to feel rejected and unwanted. Men with an
alcohol substance abuse disorder are over 70% more likely to develop sexual issues such as
erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire.

How Can Couple's Therapy Help with Substance Abuse?

Working with a licensed therapist creates a safe space where couples can work through their
issues and emotions without judgement. When emotions run hot and the session devolves into
a shouting match, a trained professional is on hand to deescalate the situation. This way, one
party cannot dominate the conversation, and both parties get to have their say and express their

Strengthening a relationship through couples therapy can improve the outcomes of addiction
therapy. Reducing friction in the home reduces the risk that an abuser will slip back into bad
habits and use substance abuse as a coping mechanism for stress in the relationship. Couples
are more likely to stick to their sobriety when they have a solid and supportive relationship
backing them up.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Couple’s counselling for substance abuse addresses more than just problems in the
relationship. It also plays a significant role in addiction recovery. If your relationship is at risk
because of substance abuse, a professional relationship counsellor can deliver the necessary
advice and support and point you to where you can get more help. Don’t let substance abuse
ruin your relationship. Get in touch today and find out how you can regain control of your life.


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