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What are the three things that ruin a marriage?

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Struggling in your marriage can feel like an uphill battle – but with the right guidance and knowledge, you can ensure it doesn’t crumble into pieces. One of the most important factors to a lasting and strong relationship is understanding what kind of habits or actions will ruin it – because avoidance is always better than trying to fix something after it has already gone downhill. If you want to know what those three potentially “marriage-ending” patterns are, read on as we look at the top causes of marital conflict!

Neglecting communication and intimacy

Unsurprisingly, communication is essential for any relationship to survive. Without it, couples can develop a disconnect that grows larger over time. It’s important for couples to regularly talk with each other and share their feelings. This allows them to feel closer and understand one another better. Neglecting intimacy is also a common issue in many marriages. Intimacy is not just about sex but also about emotional connection and affection. Couples need to try to be intimate with each other to keep their marriage strong.

Lack of trust and respect

Trust and respect are two key elements of any successful relationship. Without them, marriage will eventually break down. Couples need to be open and honest with each other and have mutual respect for one another’s beliefs and values. Additionally, couples should strive to trust each other, even when circumstances may put that trust to the test. Without these elements in the relationship, it is difficult for a marriage to survive.

Financial stress

Money can be a major source of tension in marriages, especially if one partner earns more than the other. Couples should strive to have transparent financial conversations and create an agreement that works for both. Additionally, it is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to money and develop a fair plan for both partners. Financial stress can cause a lot of tension in marriages, and couples should do their best to alleviate it.

Overall, communicating effectively, maintaining intimacy, trusting and respecting each other, and managing money wisely are all essential elements of a marriage. Neglecting any of these things has the potential to ruin a marriage, so couples need to make sure they are all addressed.

Not resolving conflicts appropriately.

Communication is essential in any relationship; Couples must learn to express their thoughts and feelings, listen carefully, and work together to find a solution for both parties. In many cases, couples do not take the time or effort to try and resolve conflicts, which can lead to resentment, distrust, and ultimately break-up of the marriage.

When couples do not talk about their issues and just let them rot, it creates distance between them and makes it hard for any relationship to survive. Furthermore, when couples try to resolve conflicts without considering each other’s feelings, they will likely get stuck in negative patterns of behavior that hurt both parties.

Couples must learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully to work through their problems without hurting each other. Effective communication means being open, honest, and direct while communicating clearly and using non-threatening language.

Financial irresponsibility and disputes

Financial issues are the leading cause of divorce, and it’s easy to understand why. Money is a source of power in any relationship. If couples can’t agree on handling their finances or one partner is overly irresponsible with money, this can be a huge source of tension. What’s worse is that financial issues can linger for a long time, constantly causing strain on the relationship and eventually leading to divorce.


Cheating is the most common cause of divorce, and it’s often the one that both partners find hardest to forgive. Infidelity is a betrayal of trust, which is essential in any marriage, and it can be hard to move past such an act. If one partner has been unfaithful, they will have to work extra hard to rebuild their spouse’s trust if they want the relationship to survive.

Lack of communication

Communication is essential in any relationship, even more so when married. If communication breaks down between spouses, it can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of empathy toward one another. Worse, these issues can easily snowball until they become too big to ignore, resulting in a marriage breakdown.

Unmet expectations due to different values, goals, and beliefs

One of the most common things that can lead to a breakdown in marriages is unmet expectations due to different values, goals, and beliefs. If one partner has very different values or expectations than the other, it can be difficult for them to understand, leading to arguments and tension. 

This could include religious differences, views on money, how to raise children, lifestyle expectations, etc. Even if you think you share the same values when you start a marriage, changes over time can cause your views to drift apart. This can make it difficult for couples to maintain a healthy relationship, often leading to resentment and frustration.

Lack of respect, appreciation, and support for one another

Respect, appreciation, and support are the most important values that foster a healthy relationship. When any of these is lacking in a marriage, it can strain the relationship tremendously.

When a marriage loses respect for one another’s opinions, feelings, and decisions, it can lead to conflict as partners feel invalidated and unheard. Appreciation for one another’s efforts, successes, and support can also be lacking in a struggling marriage. Not feeling appreciated leads to feelings of being taken for granted, which causes resentment and hurt.

Finally, a lack of support from each other can cause partners to feel isolated emotionally. When both individuals do not have each other’s back, it can be difficult to move through challenges together. This lack of trust and understanding can lead to a breakdown in communication and intimacy in the marriage.

Poor parenting decisions cause strain on the relationship.

Poor parenting decisions can be one of the most damaging factors in a marriage. If couples are not on the same page regarding raising children, it can lead to conflict and tension that disrupts their relationship. Couples should work together to create a parenting plan outlining each partner’s roles and responsibilities when raising their children. Additionally, couples should communicate with each other and take the time to understand each other’s perspectives when making important parenting decisions.

High expectations lead to disappointment.

When striving for perfection in a marriage can lead to disappointment and hurt feelings when unmet expectations are met. It is important for couples to have realistic expectations regarding marriage and to remember that they are human. Communication is key in helping couples understand each other’s needs, boundaries, and expectations to work together to create a healthy relationship.

Unresolved conflicts leading to resentment

Conflict is inevitable within a relationship, but unresolved conflicts can lead to resentment and can create a divide between partners. Couples need to take the time to have an open dialogue about their issues to better understand each other’s points of view. Additionally, couples must work together towards a resolution and compromise to move forward and avoid conflict.


How can I avoid ruining my marriage?

A: Three main things can lead to the breakdown of a marriage. The first is not communicating effectively with your partner. Communication is key in any relationship; open dialogue will help you better understand each other’s needs and expectations. Secondly, not making time for each other or for activities that the two of you can enjoy together. This is important to keep your marriage strong and connected.

What are the three things that ruin a marriage?

A: The three main things that can lead to the breakdown of a marriage are lack of communication, not making time for each other and activities together, and finally, not respecting each other’s boundaries. Failing to communicate effectively with each other, neglecting to make time for one another or engaging in activities together, and not respecting each other’s boundaries can all contribute to the breakdown of a marriage. Taking the time to invest in your relationship is key to having a successful and healthy marriage.

How can I rekindle my marriage?

A: Rekindling your marriage can take some time but can be rewarding. Making an effort to communicate better with each other is a good starting point. Spend some total time together, doing activities that you both enjoy. This could be anything from going out for dinner or a weekend trip. Respect each other’s personal boundaries and be mindful of how you interact. Lastly, show appreciation for your partner and all the effort they put into helping make your marriage successful.

Is there a for a successful marriage?

A: Absolu is key to having a successful and healthy marriage. Make the time to talk to each other and understand each other’s needs into helpings. Spend quality time together doing activities you both enjoy. Respect each other’s boundaries and show appreciation for your partner’s effort. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun together!


I hope this article has helped show you the three things that can ruin a marriage. Marriage is an important hip and should not be taken lightly. For your partner’s efforts issues, it’s important to seek help from a professional or trusted confidant who helped to show and fester for too long, or your marriage may be irreparably damaged. Take action today to preserve your relationship and build a healthy connection with your partner!

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