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Try These 11 Things Before Separating From Wife to Restore Your Marriage

Try These 11 Things Before Separating From Wife to Restore Your Marriage

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Relationship breakdowns are all too common – sometimes, we just don’t know how to keep that spark alive. If you find yourself on the brink of giving up on your marriage and turning to separation as an option, it may help to pause for a minute and think through what other alternatives there could be. Rather than take such drastic measures immediately, why not try some different methods first?

11 Things Before Separating From Wife to Restore Your Marriage

Communicate Openly and Honestly

Communication is the key to a successful marriage. Make sure you are expressing your needs and feelings to your wife in a respectful way.


Listening is just as important as talking. Make sure to listen to your wife without being defensive.


Respect is essential in any marriage. Show your wife that you value her and that yoout what she has to say.

Spend Quality Time

Make time to spend together as a couple.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

Avoid blaming or pointing fingers when discussing your marriage issues.

Find Common Ground

Seek out solutions that you can agree on and work together to devise a plan.

Seek Professional Help

If you cannot resolve your problems on your own, don’t be afraid to seek help from a professional.

Make Changes

Work together to make changes that will improve your relationship and help you move forward.

Take Responsibility

Acknowledge your role in the issues that have caused tension in your marriage.


Holding onto grudges will only worsen matters, so forgive and move on.


Through small acts of kindness and tenderness, reaffirm your commitment to each other.

Seek marital counseling

Marital counseling can be a great way to reconnect with your wife and restore your marriage. A therapist can help you identify and work through any issues in your relationship, learn how to communicate better with each other, and develop creative solutions to problems.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help—in many cases, seeking professional counseling can make all the difference in saving your marriage.

Find ways to show appreciation.

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and take each other for granted, so it’s important to remember that small gestures of appreciation go a long way. Complimenting your wife on her looks and taking the time to show her that you care will help strengthen your bond.

Take a break

If things have become especially tense in your marriage, take time away from each other. This doesn’t mean giving up or separating; rather, it can allow each partner to reflect and gain perspective on the situation.

Find common interests

Spending quality time together is an important part of restoring a marriage. Find activities that you both enjoy, such as hiking, playing sports, or attending concerts/movies, and prioritize doing these things together.


The cornerstone of any healthy relationship is communication. Even if you’re feeling disconnected from your wife, it’s important to listen and talk about issues between you. Make sure that you both have a chance to express your feelings without fear or judgment.

Take a break from each other.

The first step to restoring a marriage is to take a break from each other. This will help you both have time to reflect on what has gone wrong and give some space for healing. You must be honest with yourself and your spouse about why the separation is necessary and make sure that you both understand the importance of having this time apart.


Once you have taken a break from each other, it is important to start communicating. Talk openly and honestly about your feelings and try to find solutions together. Ask your spouse what they want from the relationship, and be willing to compromise if necessary.

Focus on yourself

It is important to focus on yourself when trying to restore a marriage. This means taking time for self-care and pursuing activities that make you feel productive and fulfilled.  Spend time with friends and family, take up new hobbies or revisit old ones, and do something special for yourself each day – these are all great ways to help restore balance in your life. 

Seek help

Sometimes when trying to restore a marriage, it helps to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you explore the underlying issues in your relationship, identify problem areas and develop strategies for improving communication.

Be respectful

Respect is essential in any successful relationship, so practicing respect for your spouse while restoring your marriage is important. Listen to their opinions and feelings, be open-minded, and avoid being defensive when discussing difficult topics.

Reconnect with old friends

Reconnecting with old friends can provide an immense sense of support and comfort. It can also give you a much-needed break from the everyday stress of your current marital problems.

Take the time to reach out to friends and family who can provide guidance and understanding as you work through your difficulties.

Find a common hobby

If you’re struggling with communication in your marriage, try finding a common hobby or activity that both of you can enjoy.

Finding something you both enjoy gives you something to look forward to and provides a shared outlet for stress relief.

Schedule weekly “check-in” sessions

Finding a way to keep open communication between you and your spouse is important.

Set aside time each week to sit down and discuss any issues that have arisen during the week.

This allows you to express your feelings and concerns in a safe space without the fear of judgment or conflict.

Seek counseling

If your marriage is beyond repair, consider couples counseling.

Finding a qualified and experienced therapist can help you work through your issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Spend time with family and children

Spending time with family and children can help strengthen the bond between a couple. Activities such as playing games, going for walks, cooking meals, or sharing stories can allow couples to reconnect.

Set boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is an important aspect of any marriage. Make sure you both know what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

Create a plan

Figure out what issues are causing the most conflict in your marriage and create a plan to address them.  Make sure each partner has a voice in the plan to work for both of you.

Discuss potential solutions

Talk to each other about potential solutions to the issues causing conflict in your marriage.  Be honest and listen to each other’s ideas without judgment.

Be open

It’s important to be open and honest with your spouse, especially if things are not going well.  Expressing your feelings and needs can help you better understand each other and get on the same page.

Take care of yourself – exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep

You need to prioritize your well-being.  Exercise regularly and ensure that you eat healthy meals and get enough sleep each night.  Taking the time to focus on yourself can help reduce stress levels and improve your outlook, which can help you navigate difficult conversations with your wife. 

Take advantage of counseling.

Counseling can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to salvage your marriage.  A trained therapist can give you and your wife a safe place to express emotions, learn how to communicate effectively, and work through conflicts constructively.  If you’re looking for guidance regarding repairing your relationship, consider working with a professional.

Communicate effectively

When it comes to any interpersonal relationship, communication is key.  Ensure you express yourself clearly and listen carefully to your wife’s perspective.  Before making accusations or engaging in an argument, take a few minutes to breathe and collect your thoughts.  This can help you avoid becoming overwhelmed by emotions or saying something you’ll regret later.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I restore my marriage?

The first step towards restoring your marriage is to look at what has gone wrong and plan action.  If you and your partner have decided to stay together, there are a few things that can help restore your marriage:

Talk openly and honestly with each other

Make time to talk openly and honestly about the issues in your relationship with your wife. Be sure to listen to what she says, even if you don’t agree with her.

Spend quality time together

Make a conscious effort to spend some quality time together.  This could mean going out on dates, doing something fun together, or simply talking and spending time in each other’s company without distractions.

Make an effort to understand each other.

Take the time to get to know each other better and learn what makes your partner happy or angry.  Try understanding why your wife does certain things can help you empathize with her more.

Talk about how you can change.

If there are areas in which you need to improve as a husband or partner, be sure to discuss this openly with your wife.  If both of you are willing to make changes, this will help rebuild trust and communication in your marriage.


No one wants to get divorced, but sometimes it seems like there’s no other way out. If you’re considering separating from your wife, before you take that drastic step, try these 11 things to see if you can restore your marriage. With a little patience and effort, you can work through the issues causing problems in your relationship and save your marriage. But if separation is the best option for you, at least you’ll know that you tried everything first.

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