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7 Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce

Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce

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Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce: Marriages don’t start with the goal of ending in divorce, but a surprising end up doing just that. Every marriage has challenges, and working through the issues together is the secret to a long and happy one. However, if problems are not confronted early on and left to fester, they could lead to divorce. Here are 7 signs your marriage may be in trouble and headed for family court.

1. You are Constantly Angry at Your Spouse

If you are married to a spouse who is constantly angry at you or always angry at your spouse, it’s a sign that the marriage is not healthy
Marriages degrade when there is ongoing anger or conflict without a resolution. There is also the danger that unresolved anger can result in explosive and violent outbursts that lead to domestic abuse.
People who suffer from domestic violence should make arrangements to leave immediately until the partner can get help with their issues. Unfortunately, domestic violence does not get better without intervention and most often worsens over time.

2. You Find Distractions to Avoid Difficult Conversations

Partners who spend too much time in front of the television, reading, or other ways to avoid important conversations may be in a troubled relationship headed for divorce.
Some partners turn to distractions and other things outside of the relationship to avoid marital challenges. Failing to confront the issues can cost you the marriage and is not something from which a good book or a golfing session will save you.

3. Intimate Moments are a Distant Memory

One of the biggest complaints for married couples who have been together for a few years is the declining level of physical intimacy. When you or your partner lose interest in enjoying intimate moments, it might be a sign of a strained emotional connection.

Other problems inside the marriage can also affect the level of intimacy a partner is willing to show to their spouse. It’s definitely a situation that needs to be investigated if there is any hope of saving the relationship.

4. You Have Nothing in Common

Do you find that you and your partner have very little to talk about? It might signify that you have nothing in common if it’s a regular thing and poses a significant problem for the marriage.
Couples who communicate and have shared interests can create stronger bonds through mutual understanding. When there’s a lack of communication, a session with a marriage counsellor may help get to the root of the problem.

5. You Dread Time Alone With Your Partner

New couples in a brand new relationship have trouble staying apart. Unfortunately, married couples who have spent years together may start to feel the opposite and will look for excuses not to spend time together.
Do you look for reasons to delay getting home from work or find excuses to get away by yourself on the weekends? Do you dread the times when the kids aren’t home?
If this is how you feel about your partner, it’s a good sign that the relationship is not in the best of health and may need some help.

6. Repeatedly Having the Same Arguments

Over time, having the same arguments over and over without resolutions indicates that your marriage may be in jeopardy. Getting stuck in a cycle of conflict without end is unhealthy, and you may need to seek the help of a professional counsellor for help finding solutions to the issues that don’t seem to want to go away.

7. Your Spouse Does Not Feature In Your Visions of Your Future

When you envision a future that does not include your spouse, likely, your marriage is all but over. Some marriages are held together by the children, but the last vestiges of a connection between the parents go with them when they fly from the nest. As soon as the children leave, the crumbling foundations of the relationship fall away, and they often end up in divorce.

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