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Role of Government in Promoting Marriage Counselling in Australia

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As marriage rates decline in Australia, it’s important to consider what role the Government can play in helping couples improve their relationships. Marriage counselling is an essential source of support for married and de facto couples experiencing difficulty with communication, infidelity, or other major issues. 

It can be difficult to access this kind of professional guidance; however, governments throughout Australia are beginning to recognise the importance of strengthening relationships through active investment in marriage counselling services and initiatives. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at how governments have started promoting accessible marriage counselling nationwide and explore broader ways public institutions can support healthy partnerships.

Overview of the current state of marriages in Australia

Marriage is an important institution in Australia, and it plays a vital role in creating strong families, healthy communities, and a stable society. 

Unfortunately, many marriages face increasing stress levels due to work pressures, financial issues, communication breakdowns, or changing expectations brought on by cultural changes.

This has led to marriage counselling becoming a valuable service in assisting couples in navigating these turbulent times and finding resolutions.

Role of Government in Promoting Marriage Counselling in Australia

The Australian Government has recognised the importance of marriage counselling as an effective way to reduce marital problems and promote strong family relationships. The following roles Government plays in Promoting marriage counselling in Australia:

1. Financial support

The Government provides financial assistance to assist couples in accessing marriage counselling services, such as through subsidised mental health care plans and Medicare rebate packages.

2. Education and Awareness

The Government is actively involved in raising awareness of the importance of marriage counselling and its benefits for couples. This includes collaborating with various organisations to provide couples and the public resources on the benefits, issues, and risks associated with marriage counselling.

3. Improving Accessibility

The Government provides legislation that increases access to marriage counsellors, such as providing opportunities for counsellors to obtain registration or accreditation to practice within Australia. They also provide incentives to increase the number of available counsellors and services.

4. Supporting Research

The Government supports research into marriage counselling and its effectiveness, which helps inform and improve couples’ services.

5. Facilitating Collaboration

The Government works with professional bodies and other stakeholders to support collaboration between marriage counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and other professionals providing services for couples.

6. Encouraging Professional Standards

The Government sets and enforces professional standards for marriage counsellors, ensuring that couples receive quality services and advice.

7. Promoting Marriage

The Government actively promotes marriage as an important part of a healthy society, which includes advocating for marriage counselling services and providing resources to help couples stay together.

8. Encouraging Positive Outcomes

The Government promotes best practices and positive outcomes in marriage counselling, which helps to create longer-term solutions for couples.

9. Supporting Marital Therapies

The Government provides resources to raise awareness of marital therapies, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), which can help couples to resolve issues faster and more effectively.

10. Supporting Marriage Counsellors

The Government supports marriage counsellors, such as professional development opportunities and financial assistance. This helps to ensure that couples have access to knowledgeable and skilled counsellors who can help them form positive relationships.

The importance of marriage counselling and how it can benefit couples

Marriage counselling can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship. It is a valuable tool that can help couples recognise and resolve issues in their marriage. 

Working with an experienced counsellor provides the opportunity to gain insight into yourself, your partner, and how you interact as a couple. 

Marriage counselling offers support while teaching new skills to help couples address and improve communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and other related issues.

Benefits of government-funded marriage counselling services

  1. Improved Mental Health: Counselling helps couples better understand and communicate, consequently improving their mental health. Regular counselling sessions can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety among married couples.
  2. Reduced Divorce Rates: Marriage counselling services provide a safe platform for couples to discuss any issues they may face, allowing them to resolve their differences and reconcile. Research shows that marriage counselling services can help reduce divorce rates by up to 30%.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: Marriage counselling is a great way for couples to gain insight into each other’s emotions, thoughts, and values. This improved communication helps build trust in the relationship, improving both partners’ quality of life.
  4. Improved Parent-Child Relationships: Counselling has been found to help married couples become better parents, providing them with the knowledge and tools to create a positive environment for their children.

Overall, government-funded marriage counselling services can be incredibly beneficial for couples in Australia.

How to access government-funded marriage counselling services?

The Australian Government provides various services to support couples and families and promote healthy relationships. Part of this includes access to free or low-cost marriage counselling services.

Couples interested in accessing government-funded marriage counselling services can do so in several ways:

  1. Contacting a Medicare-funded counsellor: A range of services are available through approved providers, who can provide couples with additional information and instruction on accessing marriage counselling services.
  2. Connecting with a mental health practitioner: Couples can also connect with local mental health practitioners who may provide marriage counselling services free or at reduced costs.
  3. Contacting a community-based organisation: Community organisations such as Relationships Australia offer marriage and family counselling services and other support for couples and families.

The Australian Government also provides various online resources to help couples understand relationships better and access different forms of support, such as webinars, e-courses, and podcasts.

Impact of COVID-19 on Marriages and the Need for additional government help

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on marriages and relationships all over the world. In Australia, it has been reported that there has been a significant increase in the number of couples seeking marriage counselling services since the beginning of the pandemic. 

This is because couples have been required to remain close to one another for an extended period, leading to increased stress and tension.

The Australian Government has recognised the need to provide additional support to couples affected by the pandemic and is investing in marriage counselling services.

Government-funded initiatives

The Australian Government provides several free programs and resources to help couples access marriage counselling services. These include free online courses, workshops, and mobile apps designed to give couples the tools and information they need to manage their relationships healthily. 

The Government has also introduced initiatives such as relationship education grants, which help couples access professional relationship support services.

Role of NGOs

In addition to government initiatives, several non-government organisations (NGOs) provide marriage counselling services in Australia. 

These organisations often offer free or low-cost services to couples who cannot afford professional counselling. 

Some of these NGOs also run campaigns and awareness programs to educate the public on the importance of marriage counselling and how it can help couples strengthen their relationships.

How technology can be used to promote marriage counselling services in Australia

Technology can play an important role in promoting marriage counselling services in Australia. Social media and digital marketing strategies can reach a wide audience, enabling those seeking such services to discover them more easily. 

Building awareness of the benefits couples can experience from professional counselling is essential for increasing the uptake of these vital services.

The Government can also support marriage counselling services by providing funding and other incentives for those who wish to access such services. 

This could include subsidies for couples, grants to organisations that offer marriage counselling services, or tax credits for those seeking help from a counsellor. 

Government-sponsored information campaigns can be used to raise awareness of the importance of marriage counselling and the benefits it can bring. 

These campaigns should also emphasise the need to seek professional help if couples face difficulties in their marriage and direct them to available services.

Tips and Strategies for Making The Most Out of Your Marriage Counselling Session

  1. Do Your Homework – Consider your goals for the session and gather all relevant information (including any relevant documents) before attending your appointment.
  2. Be Prepared – Ensure you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the session. It may help to bring a list of topics or issues you’d like to discuss.
  3. Be Open – Be open and honest about your feelings and experiences, even if it’s hard to talk about them. It’s important that both parties can trust the process for it to be effective.
  4. Listen Carefully – Listen actively and attentively during the session. Take notes if needed, and ask questions for clarification if you’re unsure of something.
  5. Be Respectful – Respect your partner’s viewpoint and opinion, even when it differs from yours. Showing respect is the cornerstone of any successful marriage counselling session.

Different types of counselling are available, including online, telephone, and face-to-face

The Australian Government has actively promoted marriage counselling services, offering a range of methods to access professional help. 

Many services are accessible through general practitioners or clinical psychologists, while some specialist marriage counsellors offer telephone and online services. 

Online services often involve web-based sessions with experienced counsellors, whereas face-to-face counselling may involve direct meetings with a qualified counsellor. Alternatively, couples may access telephone or Skype services conducted in their home’s privacy.


Can marriage Counselling work?

Yes, marriage counselling can work. Research has shown that couples who participate in marriage counselling have improved communication skills and a better understand each other’s needs. 

Marriage Counselling can help to rebuild trust, address conflicts, build new or stronger relationships, and bring back the connection between a couple.

Can counselling help a broken relationship?

Yes, marriage counselling can help a broken relationship. Marriage Counselling can provide couples with the support and guidance necessary to work through their issues in a safe environment. 

It allows them to explore underlying conflicts that may have caused their relationship to break down and helps them develop strategies for addressing these issues.

Can therapy fix a toxic relationship?

No, therapy cannot fix a toxic relationship. While therapy can help to identify the root causes of a toxic relationship and provide couples with guidance on how to address these issues, it ultimately comes down to the couple’s willingness to make the change. 

Couples must both be willing to commit to making changes within their relationship for it to become healthier.


The role of the Government in promoting marriage counselling in Australia is essential to furthering healthy and supportive relationships and marriages. The Government has implemented numerous initiatives to support couples, families, and individuals with relationship issues and provide resources to help them manage their mental health.

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