How to Save a Marriage Alone

How to Save a Marriage Alone
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How to Save a Marriage Alone: When you know your marriage is in trouble, trying to get the other partner to help you solve the issues may not be on the table. Before you let your frustrations destroy all hope, there are things you can do to save your marriage alone, even when your partner shows a lack of interest.

Talk About Your Feelings

Be open and honest about your personal efforts to rebuild the relationship. It could be that you are the only one who thinks your relationship is in trouble. Let your partner know how you feel and what you plan to do to work out the issues.

Work on Yourself First

Marital problems are rarely one-sided, and each partner has to share the responsibility of the issues. However, when one partner is non-commital, that doesn’t mean you should ignore working on your own problems.

Nobody is perfect, and some of your issues could be behind the growing distance in your relationship. Maybe you are too quick to argue, or you are a perfectionist and nag about the cleaning too often, or you don’t pay enough attention to your partner. Start working on these issues first to show your level of commitment to the relationship.

Negotiate for More Time

If one partner has decided they need out, you should negotiate a time frame for when to call it quits. Create a plan to save the marriage in the time you have and let your partner know the reasons why you think the relationship is worth saving.

You mustn’t highlight the things your partner did wrong, fight with them, or resort to nasty tactics, as this will be more evidence to convince them that there’s nothing left to save. You cannot force a person to stay with you if they don’t want to, and if you do manage it, neither of you will be happy. 

Talk to a Marriage Counselor

No rule says marriage is counseling is strictly for couples. If you are struggling to save your marriage on your own, a professional marriage counselor is an excellent resource you can rely on for advice and strategies that may help bring you and your partner closer together. 

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