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How To Maintain Individual Friendships Outside Of The Marriage?

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When couples get married, it is natural to become more focused on and invested in one’s partner, but there should be time for friends, too. Great friendships can bring positivity and new perspectives into someone’s life, often complementing a strong relationship with their spouse. 

Everyone needs a social circle where they can relax and have fun while spending quality time with people they love and admire, but how do you balance caring for your marriage and nurturing individual relationships? We will explain the importance of prioritizing individual friendships even outside of marriage and how to ensure those special relationships last.

Maintaining Individual Friendships Outside Of The Marriage

There are many ways to maintain individual friendships outside of the marriage, including;

Set and honor boundaries with your partner

It’s important to establish that there must be unwavering trust between you and your spouse. When it comes to hanging out with friends, couples should not feel guilty about spending quality time with their loved ones without one another, as it can create a stronger bond within the marriage.

Setting boundaries between you and your partner regarding time with friends is important. You should both be aware of each other’s needs for alone time or friend time, without any judgment or an expectation that either party has more of a right to spend their free hours in the company of others.

Schedule time for friends

Set aside some time each week to catch up with your friends. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but it’s important to ensure you don’t forget about the people not in your marriage.

Schedule regular dinner dates or day trips with your friends, and coordinate social activities for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Even if you can’t always make it to every event, regularly checking in with them shows that they are still important to you.

Don’t take sides

When conversing with your friends, it is best not to take sides on matters related to your marriage. It’s important that no one interferes in a couple’s relationship and respect their decisions. Keep conversations positive, and don’t share details about your private life. 

Your friends want to support you and be a listening ear when needed, but they should not be involved in the decision-making or solving marital issues. Remember that marriage comes first, and always handle disagreements with respect and understanding for your partner’s point of view.

Make time for individual hobbies

Having something you do alone can give you a different perspective on life outside marriage, which can benefit both partners. Make time for individual hobbies and interests outside of your marriage. Taking up a new hobby or spending time on an old one can help strengthen your friendships by giving you something to discuss with them.

 It can also allow you to find self-fulfillment away from the marital relationship, which is essential for it to survive over the long term. Whether rock climbing, painting, or even joining a book club, investing in yourself and your interests can help build stronger friendships that will last beyond the relationship.

Revisit where you stand

Aside from setting boundaries, it’s also essential to revisit these guidelines now and then so that both partners are on the same page. It’s important to remember that you are growing and changing as individuals, so what was once a healthy boundary may no longer be the same. 

Make sure to discuss any changes or discomforts to make sure everyone is comfortable with the agreed-upon guidelines. Try talking to each other about your friends from outside the marriage whenever possible.

It’s also important to avoid taking advantage of the situation. Quality friends should respect the marriage and understand that time is precious, so balance your friendships with relationship priorities in mind. The key is to remember that it’s OK to spend time with people outside of marriage as long as both parties are understanding and supportive.

Avoid bringing up conversations about marriage

When hanging out with your friends, keep the conversation light and positive. It’s best to avoid going into too much detail regarding matters related to your marriage.

Bringing up conversations about marriage can lead to a negative atmosphere for everyone involved. Setting healthy boundaries with your friends and deciding what topics are off-limits when discussing your relationship or personal life is important.

Share mutual friends

Sharing mutual friends is great for couples as it can help strengthen the relationship between both parties. It also provides a sense of community and comfort, as you know that your partner is in a safe environment. 

Mutual friends can plan activities and events for the couple, providing a break from the everyday routine and creating fun memories that will last. Mutual friends can help give couples advice on their relationship if needed. Building trust by being comfortable talking about anything together is important, as this strengthens the bond you share with your spouse.

Let go of any resentment

It’s important to let go of past resentments when spending time with friends outside the marriage. This will allow both partners to see each other in a new light and allow them to make amends with one another.

Having individual friends outside the marriage is healthy for both parties and will ultimately bring more balance. It’s important to set boundaries, respect one another, and never take sides on any arguments that may arise within the marriage. Quality time spent with friends can bring a new sense of perspective and joy into the marriage, creating a stronger bond between both partners.

By following these tips, couples can maintain individual friendships outside of their marriage while supporting each other. Ensuring everyone’s needs are met without neglecting one person is the key to a healthy and happy marriage.


Why having friends outside of a relationship is important?

Having friends outside of a relationship is important because it allows one to explore different perspectives and grow as an individual. Sharing mutual friends can also strengthen the bond between both parties within the marriage. Spending quality time with these friends away from your partner can create a stronger connection between you and your spouse, making the marriage more balanced and fulfilling for both partners.

Is it normal to have friends outside relationship?

Yes, having friends outside of the relationship is completely normal and healthy. It’s important for couples to maintain friendships with people not in their marriage; this allows them to explore different perspectives, gain new insights, and spend quality time away from each other. Having individual interests outside of the marriage can also help strengthen the bond between both partners.

Is it OK to stay friends with someone you like?

Yes, it is OK to stay friends with someone you like. Being honest and open about your feelings is important while respecting each other’s boundaries. Make sure that both parties are comfortable with the nature of the relationship and agree on any expectations before taking it further. Having mutual respect and understanding for one another will help ensure a healthy friendship.


Ultimately, the answer to this question is up to you and your unique situation. Depending on how honest you are with yourself and the other person, it’s perfectly OK to remain friends even if one party has romantic feelings for the other. As long as neither party is holding out hope for something more, there’s no harm in maintaining a friendship. Of course, if it becomes too difficult to be around that person without letting those feelings show through, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate. It never hurts to step back and reassess the relationship or set boundaries that make sense for both of you.

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