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7 Everyday Habits That Build A Stronger Marriage | Habits That Build A Strong Romantic Relationship

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So today, I want to talk to you about seven easy everyday habits that you can engage in to help you build and sustain a much stronger marriage.

Hey Cody here from Better Marriage, and I want to share with you today seven things that you can do every day – seven habits that you can develop to really strengthen your marriage and build a solid foundation. If you can incorporate them into your relationship, you’ll see positive results.

 Tip number one is Habit

So let’s get started with habit number one, which is to talk to your partner every single day. Talk to your partner every day and make it a scheduled activity. University studies have shown that happy couples who are truly happy together communicate with each other at a meaningful level for about five hours a week more than couples who don’t. Incorporating this habit into your routine will transform your marriage.

Happy couples speak to each other on average five hours more per week compared to couples who are unhappy or end up divorcing. So, make sure to schedule that time. Find an extra 45 minutes each day to engage in meaningful conversation. Successful couples dedicate this time to not only everyday chitchat like “How was your day?” or “How are things going?”, but also to deeper conversations that help them know each other better and maintain a strong connection.

If you neglect this communication, there will come a point where you’ll start feeling disconnected from your partner and wonder, “Who are you? I don’t know you anymore.” That’s because, over time, you stopped communicating with each other. We are all evolving and changing, and without daily communication, it’s easy to lose touch with our partners.

So, take the time to talk to each other for at least an additional 45 minutes every day.

Tip number two is Eat Together

Take time every day to eat together, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Find a way to have that meal together and make it a ritual within your family. Establish a daily family mealtime, whether it’s just you and your spouse or you and your kids. Make it a ritual to eat together and actually engage in conversation during that time. Remove all devices from the table and eliminate distractions. Turn off your phones. This is your special time, your couple time, your family time. It’s a time for you to connect, and the outside world should be excluded. So, tip number two is to eat together every day.

 Tip number three is Building a Strong and Successful Marriage

Habit number three for building a strong and successful marriage is to never go to bed angry. Never let the sun set on your anger. Resolve any issues of the day before going to bed. Don’t carry problems over to the next day because if you develop the habit of doing so, they will start to accumulate. When you finally address them, you may find yourself dealing with months or even years of unresolved baggage. This is when explosions occur, as years of frustration and suppressed emotions come pouring out.

These are the moments when disproportionate responses happen, where someone blows up over a seemingly small issue. It happens because they went to bed angry. It’s important to make it a daily practice to resolve the problems of the day. Don’t let the monster grow into a formidable beast before deciding to confront it. It’s easier to tackle the monster when it’s still small. So, habit number three, tip number three is to never go to bed angry with your partner. Resolve your issues before going to bed.

Now, let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have any tips to share on how to have a better marriage? Leave your tips in the comments below.

Tip number four is to schedule success

Tip number four is to schedule success. Don’t simply allow things to happen, because life will take over and weeds will start to grow. You must proactively schedule time for success.

Schedule time to eat together, have meaningful conversations, go on date nights, and engage in activities that strengthen your bond. As you navigate through your marriage, demands will come from various sources such as work, children, in-laws, friends, society, church, and organizations you belong to. Everyone will make demands on your time.

Things are going to happen because life will come in and take over. Weeds will start to take over if you don’t schedule success.

You need to schedule time to eat together, have conversations, go on date nights, and engage in activities that bring you closer.

As you navigate through your marriage, demands will come from work, children, in-laws, friends, society, church, and organizations you belong to. Everyone will be demanding your time.

If you don’t have a set schedule, if you haven’t scheduled success and prioritized your marriage within that schedule, everyone else will get your time and resources. Your marriage will become a desolate place, starving for attention.

Therefore, it’s important to schedule success within your marriage. Identify what’s important, schedule it, and protect it as if your marriage depends on it—because it really does.

Now, tip number five may sound deceptively easy, but it can actually be quite challenging at times. In fact, I should have probably made this tip number one.

It’s simply about being kind to each other, being gentle, and bringing kindness back into the relationship.

Over time, when we spend years together, we sometimes lose the ability to soften our communication. We may speak to our partner in ways we wouldn’t speak to a stranger or a friend. It can be harsh and unkind. We tend to lose patience and the buffer we once had.

Tip number five is All About Bringing Kindness

So, tip number five is all about bringing kindness back into the relationship. Focus on being kind to your partner, use caring and uplifting words, and create an environment where your partner wants to be. Let kindness prevail over harshness.

Create a foundation of kindness within your relationship.

Now, tip number six is a really important one, and that is to schedule time for yourself. Tip number four, if you remember, was to schedule success, but part of success is taking care of yourself.

Just like on an airplane, during the safety briefing, they tell you to put on your mask first before helping others because if you pass out, you won’t be able to assist anyone else. The same principle applies here. You must look after yourself and ensure you’re taking care of your needs. Schedule time for yourself.

Tip number six emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself

Tip number six emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself. Put it in your schedule. By doing so, when you come together with your partner, you’ll have something to give. Two starving people cannot come together and expect to share their food. If both partners are starving, they will both starve to death. However, when one person has an abundance and the other person has an abundance, coming together creates a feast.

You can’t enter the relationship feeling empty and expect to contribute something meaningful. You have to come into the relationship filled up. One way to do this is by getting stimulation outside of the relationship and taking time for yourself. Whether it’s going to the gym or pursuing a hobby, engage in activities that fill you up. Then you can bring something positive back into the relationship.

Tip Number Seven is Work Harder

Now, our final tip, number seven, is to work harder on yourself than you work on the marriage. The key to improving your marriage is to improve yourself. The marriage is the sum of two individuals coming together. If both individuals are average, the marriage will be average. If both individuals are exceptional, there is a chance for an exceptional marriage. If both individuals are unimpressive, the marriage will likely be unimpressive.

The key here is to prioritize personal growth, development, and self-improvement. Work on yourself harder than you work on the marriage. Focus on personal development, spiritual growth, health, mental well-being, and all aspects of self-growth. By doing so, you bring a higher-level person into the marriage, someone who is more sophisticated, refined, and skilled. Ultimately, this will contribute to the growth and success of your marriage.

If both partners in the marriage are actively working on themselves, prioritizing personal development over working on each other or the marriage itself, the marriage will thrive. Make personal development and self-growth an integral part of your plan for a successful marriage.

That’s it for these seven tips. I hope you enjoyed them. If you did, please help us spread the word. Many people can benefit from this information, and we genuinely want to assist them in improving and saving their marriages. Please share this on social media, give us a like, subscribe to the channel, and leave a comment below. Let us know your tips for a better marriage and your thoughts on the tips provided.

If you’re seeking more resources and advice on how to build a better marriage, visit our website at We frequently update it with resources, guides, and helpful information to support you in building and sustaining a better marriage.

That’s it for me. God bless you.

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