Why Do I Feel No Passion in My Relationship?

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Having a partner to share your life with is pretty wonderful. Relationships make you feel supported, loved, and wanted and these are all important feelings that help make life worthwhile. Unfortunately, the overflowing passion you feel during the early stages can peter out with time until you wonder where it all went.

If the passion in your relationship has all but disappeared, it could be for one of the following reasons.

1. You Feel Stuck in a Rut

Couples who have been living together for a long-time can slip into a mundane, but comfortable routine. It doesn’t mean your relationship is in peril and it can be kind of nice. A life full of passion and romance all the time can be tiring, so the trick is to find a good balance between getting life stuff done but also setting aside time to have some fun as a couple

2. You Face an Uncertain Future

Planning a life together can be difficult if you have separate goals. Not knowing where you are headed as a couple can splash cold water on even the hottest of burning passions. If you feel like you are on a different page about where the relationship is headed, don’t keep it to yourself; communicate your concerns and aspirations with your partner. The worst case scenario is you’ll go your separate ways, but at least you will know sooner rather than later. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll both be able to achieve what you want and stay together.

3. You Spend Too Much Time Together

A lifelong partner you know has got your back through thick and thin can be a comfort, but spending all your time together can quickly drain the passion out of your relationship. People need variety, even in their social life. Make sure you spend some time doing things you enjoy without a partner in tow. Remembering who you are outside of your relationship will help you appreciate your partner all the more.

4. You’re Too Busy For Passion

All work and no play can suck the life out of any relationship. It’s great to work hard for the things you want, but if one of those things involves more passion in your relationship, something has to give. Schedule some quality time to do things as a couple because it will be just as valuable an investment in your future as your career will be.

5. Consult with Your GP

Lack of passion could stem from emotional or mental health issues. A low libido, depression, and other mental health issues can impact your feelings in a relationship. Your doctor will be able to recommend treatments that will help you get back to your old self.

When you have tried everything, but nothing is working, and you still want to rescue your relationship from a lack of passion, professional help and advice from an unbiased relationship counsellor could help you see what you might be missing.


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